Marlec Solar iBoost+ Immersion Controller Alternative

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Powerflow FAZE ECO Single Phase Solar Immersion Diverter for Solar PV with 5 year Warranty. Alternative to Marlec Solar iBoost+

Increase your solar self consumption – the perfect balance of quality, performance and cost.

FAZE ECO solar controller automatically adjusts its power output to control, for example, an immersion heater, so any available export energy from solar is captured and stored as free hot water.

Renewable energy systems, such as solar PV panels, generate electricity based on sunlight availability, leading to mismatches between energy production and usage. Excess energy, often sent back to the grid, represents a missed opportunity for savings.

The FAZE ECO, a solar hot water diverter made in the UK, addresses this issue. It is designed for simplicity, featuring a power output display, full battery compatibility, and a manual boost button. The device efficiently redirects any surplus solar energy to heat water, utilizing the existing immersion element.

FAZE ECO is built to last, utilising the highest quality components. Our patented technology makes FAZE ECO the most efficient power diverter available. The core technology has been refined over the past decade to deliver class leading performance. This is backed by a 5 year hassle free warranty.

By converting excess solar power into thermal energy, the FAZE ECO helps reduce dependence on traditional energy sources and lowers utility costs. It’s an essential addition for homeowners looking to optimize their systems and achieve better energy utilization and savings.


  • LED Output Display
  • Battery Compatibility Button
  • Manual Boost Button
  • Sealed Aluminum Enclosure
  • Plug & Play Power Connections
  • 200ms Measurement Frequency
  • Convective Cooling
  • UK Based Technical Support
  • Up to 5 Year Warranty


Output power: Max / Nominal: 3520 / 3000 Watts
Output current: Max / Nominal: 16A / 13.6A
Phase Operation: Single Phase
Voltage Range / Frequency: 197V—250V / 50Hz
Compatible Generator Type: Solar PV / Wind / Hydro
Recommended renewable generator size: 2.0kW or Greater
Output Load: Resistive Only
Output Control Range: 5% – 100%
Minimum Load: 200W
Minimum export power level / Export tracking range: 25w / 25-200w
Dimensions (without connectors) (L / W / H ) mm: 160 / 109 / 45
Weight: 1.1kg
Noise Emissions: <10dBA
Self-consumption (night): 8mA
Degree of protection: IP20
Operating temperature range: -10 °C to +60 °C
Cooling concept: Convective Cooling
Efficiency: 98%
Compliant Standards: CE / RoHs / BS EN / EMC / LVD

*Warranty subject to terms and conditions, see latest warranty documentation for full details.



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