T-Smart Tesla Vertical Top Entry 27″ Incoloy Cylinder Immersion Heater & Smart Thermostat TIHTS650

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T-Smart (Tsmart) Hot Water Cylinder Thermostat + 27″ Incoloy 2 1/4″ Immersion Heater TIHTS650

T-Smart is the most radical evolution of technology in the immersion sector for some time. The T-Smart is the future of hot water heating and is the first generation smart immersion of its kind in the UK. We believe T-Smart will be for hot water what Nest and Hive have become for central heating, providing the homeowner with full smart control of the cylinder.

  • The T-Smart is the first smart immersion that will upgrade your cylinder to a genuine smart appliance
  • This upgrade will give the home owner complete control remotely over their hot water when its needed via the app
  • Built in programmers, planners and timers provides unlimited time and temperature settings via the T-Smart app giving the homeowner complete flexibility and control
  • The T-Smart learning function understands homeowners water usage and provides hot water when its needed most based on historical usage
  • Energy efficiency – The T-Smart only uses the energy that’s needed and raises the water temperature in the most energy efficient manner to help reduce the homeowners energy consumption
  • The Built-in anti legionella function gives additional piece of mind that the system will be continuously protected from bacteria growth carrying out the antibacterial cycle at least once every 15 days

Download Technical Data Sheet: T-Smart-Data-Sheet_p3FCj2s1TzW036IqykC2.pdf

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