Two-in-One Eco7 Immersion Timer & Thermostat – Quick & Easy to fit onto your Existing Electric Hot Water Cylinder

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Cotherm P.I.L – Smart All-in-One Eco7 Immersion Timer & Thermostat

Quick & Easy to install onto your Existing Electric Hot Water Cylinder

The next big advance in environmentally friendly, smart water heating controls.

    • Fit and forget – Once installed, the P.I.L will automatically predict the timing, temperature and quantity of hot water you will need.
    • Save Money – Save a proven 15-20% on water heating bills with the Cotherm P.I.L
    • Do your bit – Environmentally friendly – annual saving of up to 80kg of CO2.
    • Keeping you safe – Fully automatic anti-legionella cycle.

The Cotherm P.I.L smart water heating control, uses powerful intelligent learning to accurately predict when you will need hot water, what temperature you will want it and how much heated water you will actually need. The perfect addition to any hot water cylinder in demand by a busy hotel or household. Life made simple!

Ease of Installation:

How to install your Cotherm P.I.L. The Cotherm P.I.L, smart water heating control, is extremely quick and easy to retro-fit onto your existing electrical water heating cylinder.

The pre-wired unit offers a simple 4-stage installation process. Rapid, safe, no tank drain-down and ultimately, no mess or inconvenience.

The Cotherm P.I.L, smart water heating control, is also compatible with most modern electric water heaters. It works with all utility applications including single tariff or dual tariffs Economy 7 and Economy 10.

If you watch the video, you will see just how easy it really is to fit the smart water heating control!


Saving you time and money through active learning:

With the ability to rapidly learn hot water demand, you can simply fit, forget and benefit financially from its energy saving capabilities and without need to worry about the programming.

And furthermore, with the ‘plug and play’ fit time you won’t be incurring large costs from your chosen professional installer – making it even more cost effective at every step of your Cotherm P.I.L journey.

Intelligent, safe, and cost effective


Environmentally friendly:

Saving money is one thing we all want – but not at a cost to the environment especially with the current challenges we are all facing.

Based on average consumption the Cotherm P.I.L, smart water heating control, could save you 264kWh units of energy per year, which also means an annual saving of up to 80kg of CO2.

Saving you money and helping save the planet one water cylinder at a time.


Anti-Legionella keeping you safe:

Piece of mind when it comes to Legionaires is also a key benefit of the Cotherm P.I.L smart water heating control, which is good for everyone who uses water in your house.

A fully automatic anti-legionella cycle will commence if Cotherm P.I.L detects the water in the cylinder has failed to reach a safe temperature for 21 days.

Keeping those you care about safe.


Holiday Mode:

Tell it how many days you are away for and it will ensure it returns to the mode selected before you left, ensuring your usual hot water need is met on your return.

Looking after you, home or away.


Simply Brilliant:

Although the Cotherm P.I.L, smart water heating control, appears physically quite simple in build, this simplicity benefits the ease of installation, product reliability and reduced manufacturing costs, which are passed on to the customer; but the devil is very much in the detail.

The smart technology, in the brains of the water heating controller, is what makes the controller so special. Extensive in house research and development has led to software which uses complex algorithms to accurately learn your daily, weekly and monthly water heating usage.

Our complex technology, helping make your life simple.

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