Intaklean 28mm Heat Pump Magnetic Filter

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Intaklean 28mm Magnetic Filter for Air Source Heat Pump IKHPMF28

Specialist magnetic filter specifically designed for heat pump systems.

The Intaklean HP Magnetic Filter, has been specifically engineered for use with heat pumps, which have different flow rates, operating pressures and can require greater levels of protection to traditional systems.

As well as separating magnetic debris and trapped air in circulating system fluid, the IntaKlean HP also includes a unique direct filtration system containing a multi-layered stainless steel 300 micron fine gauze. System debris that is carried in the fluid is actively forced directly into the filter, separated from the fluid and captured by the fine gauze filter, while ferrous particles are still taken care of by the strong internal magnet that we’ve come to expect from the time proven Intaklean magnetic filter system.

  • Actively filters magnetite and non ferrous system debris
  • Unique direct non ferrous system filter forces system debris directly into the filters core to capture as much system debris as possible
  • Multi-layered filter incorporating a 300 micron fine particle filter & an 800 micron mesh filter
  • Low profile drain valve
  • Fully removable 11,000 gauss magnet – service the system live
  • 360° installation
  • Full bore isolation valves
  • Manual air vent



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