Teddington Oil Filter and Valve Kit – OFV8

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OFV 8 Teddington Oil Filter and Isolation Valve Kit

  • Liquid heating fuel filter and isolation valve in one tidy, robust and compact unit.
  • For use with the KBB Fire Valve range.
  • Avoid expensive engineer call outs.
  • Complete with 1” BSP adaptor for connection to oil tank.

Teddington Oil Filter & Isolation Valve Application

For use on bottom take-off connections on steel or plastic domestic liquid heating fuel (LHF) tanks.

The filter and isolating valve is positioned in the LHF feed pipe, usually near the tank, running to the boiler. This insures that the LHF supply can be quickly turned off, for example, during boiler servicing.

The OFV is fitted with nylon filters to trap coarse particles; this is important because the smallest particle of dirt or rust can permanently damage a boilers LHF pump and/or block the very fine LHF atomising jet.

Technical Specification:

  • Material: Isolation Valve Body (inlet): Aluminium, Isolation Valve Body (outlet): Brass, Filter Valve Body: Aluminium, Filter bowl: Steel, Filter: Nylon
  • Connection sizes: In: 1” BSP, Out: 10mm compression with copper olive
  • Flow rate: 150 L/hr at 1 metre head
  • Media: Kerosene, Biofuels and Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)

Download OFV 8 Teddington Oil Filter Valve Datasheet (155kb)

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