Reliance CWIC200055 CASH ACME Inlet Control Valve 22mm 3/4.5 Bar Alternative (Amazon FBA)

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Alternative to Reliance CWIC200055 CASH ACME Inlet Control Valve 22mm 3/4.5 Bar

This one piece inlet control incorporates several different control devices in one. It is specifically designed for use on an unvented system to control the incoming water supply to a hot water cylinder. It includes: a ‘droptight’ pressure reducing valve, meaning the valve will hold at the pre-set pressure regardless of whether under flow or no flow conditions and regardless of fluctuating inlet pressures.

It also incorporates a single check valve which will protect the system against backflow prevention up to fluid category 2, and a pre-set expansion relief valve which will prevent overpressurisation. The expansion relief valve is designed so it can rotate, to allow the discharge connection to be fitted in various directions making installation easier.

A connection for a balanced cold water take off allows the user to connect a cold water feed direct from the inlet control valve.

Features and Benefits

  • Multibloc Inlet Control Valve
  • Unvented system control requirement for unvented cylinders
  • 3.0 bar pressure reducer cartridge
  • 4.5 bar expansion relief valve
  • Integral Strainer
  • Balanced cold water take-off connection
  • Single check valve
  • Expansion vessel connection
  • 22mm Connections
  • 15mm Connection from pressure relief valve
  • WRAS Approved

Maximum working pressure: 16.0 bar
Maximum temperature: 45°C
Pressure reduction ratio: 10:1
Max Connection size: 22mm

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