4 x Caleffi 3/6 bar 533112 CST combined PRV and cold fill monobloc manifold assembly F0001223 (Four Pack)

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Four Caleffi 533112 CST combined PRV and cold fill monobloc manifold assemblies F0001223 (4pack)

This pack comprises: 4 x Caleffi 3/6 bar 533112 CST

  • Max. working temperature: 65˚C
  • Max. working pressure: 12 bar
  • Safety relief valve setting: 6 bar
  • Pressure reducing valve setting: 3.0 bar


The unit comprises of a manifold containing a pressure reducing valve, a cold water balancing port, an expansion vessel connection, a check valve and a preset pressure relief valve. The unit can be installed either horizontally or vertically with the PRV always first in line.

Pressure reducing valves (PRV) are installed in domestic water systems to reduce and stabilise the inlet pressure from the mains supply, which is generally too high and variable for domestic appliances to function properly.

PDF installation manual: 533112 CST UV3 PRV Monobloc Manifold_DS_06-15

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533112 CST F0001223



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