Glow-worm Cylinder Spares

Glow-worm provides a wide range of mains-fed unvented hot water cylinders that are designed to work with any UK boilers, not just the Glow-worm range, to give you a reliable storage cylinder central heating system.

Their hot water cylinders are incredibly robust and built to last. Each is manufactured from high grade stainless steel, with all seams laser welded and guaranteed against perforation of the steel shell for 25 years.

All Glow-worm unvented hot water cylinders also have excellent levels of insulation and quick heat recovery times, so you won’t have to wait very long for a shower or a bath after someone has drained the tank.

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  • Glow Worm - Pressure Relief Valve 801904 0020014173

    GLOWWORM CXI SERIES 801904 0020014173 Pressure Relief Valve Brand New Original

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