Tesla T-DOC Standard 15mm Drain-off Valve (TDOCS) – 5 Pack

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Tesla T-DOC (Replaces Nexgen) Standard 15mm Drain-off Valve (TDOCS) – 5 pcs

Introducing the new drain-off cock. T-DOC features an innovatively engineered, solid brass insert and an upgraded O-ring seal. With this improved design, concerns of stuck or deteriorated washers are effectively eliminated. The robust, solid brass insert and O-ring seat provides a secure closure for the drain-off, ensuring leak-free performance and preventing any instances of washer obstruction. These advancements optimise the T-DOC’s ability to facilitate effortless drainage and superior sealing, delivering unparalleled convenience and peace of mind.


Features & Benefits

  • No more perished & stuck washers
  • 3 different versions available; Standard, Long Tail and Premium (includes Hozelock connection)
  • Solid/dependable brass & O-ring construction
  • Uses a 6mm hex key to operate
  • Press-fit compatible (Long Tail and Premium)
  • Sold in packs of 5 (fully recyclable retail packaging)
  • Drain and fill with T-DOC Premium.

*IMPORTANT – T-DOC inserts can only be used on T-DOC Drain-off Valves. Please remove the insert before any hot works. Tesla UK Ltd will not be held liable for any misuse of our products.


Product Specification

  • Code: TDOCS
  • Pack QTY: 5pcs
  • Press-fit Compatible: No
  • Push-fit Compatible: No
  • Hozelock Connection: No
  • Max Pressure: 10bar
  • Max Temperature: 95°C
  • neXgen Insert Hex (6mm): Max. 4 N m
  • Tail Length: 15mm
  • Tail Diameter: 15mm.

Download the Tesla T-DOC Drain-Off Valve Technical Data Sheet here.

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