Reliance – 3 Bar Reducing 6 Bar Relief Inlet Control Multibloc Valve CWIC355030

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22mm 3Bar Pressure Reducing and 6Bar Pressure Relief Inlet Control


  • 3 Bar Pressure Reducing Valve
  • 6 Bar Pressure Relief Valve
  • Integral Strainer
  • Single Check Valve
  • Balanced Cold Water Connection
  • Expansion Vessel Connection
  • Flexible Orientation For Easy Installation


Size: 22mm

Connections: Compression

Pressure Reducing: 3 Bar

Pressure Relief: 6 Bar

Maximum Working Pressure: 45°C

Maximum Working Pressure: 16 Bar

Pressure Reduction Ratio: 10-1 max

This one piece inlet control incorporates several different control devices in one; it is specifically designed for use on an unvented system to control the incoming water supply to a hot water cylinder. Compact and lightweight in design, the valve incorporates several different controls. It includes a drop tight pressure reducing valve, a pressure relief valve, and a single check valve and also uses an integral strainer. The expansion relief valve is designed so it can rotate, to allow the discharge connection to be easily fitted in various directions, making installation simple.

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