IntaKlean Compact Magnetic System Filter 3/4″ IKCMF22

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Featuring a high power, bi-directional 11,000 gauss magnet, a stainless steel mesh filter and a large bore drain plug means that servicing the filter is both quick and simple. The magnet is housed in a protective sheath meaning any magnetite can be quickly and simply removed with the minimum amount of mess and system downtime.

Actively filters magnetite and non ferrous system debris

Hard wearing 800 micron stainless steel non-ferrous filter

Large bore drain plug

High strength 11,000 Gauss bi-directional magnet

Limitless installation orientations to suit any boiler

Compatible with water & water/glycol mixes

Maximum operating pressure 3 bar

Maximum operating temperature 90°C


The intaklean Compact magnetic system filter is a uniquely versatile central heating filter that has been designed to combat the problems caused by magnetic system sludge and non-ferrous debris. The intaKlean Compact’s small installation footprint has been designed so it can be fitted directly underneath the boiler, saving space whilst still giving the same level of system protection. The unique design means that it can be fitted in almost limitless orientations to suit any installation.

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