Intaklean 2 – 22mm Central Heating Magnetic Filter IK2MF22 (Like Fernox TF1)

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Intaklean 2 – 22mm Central Heating Magnetic Filter IK2MF22 (Like Fernox TF1)

IntaKlean Magnetic Filter

  • The IntaKlean 2 magnetic central heating system filter, featuring an innovative double gauze non-ferrous filter, is the ideal solution to costly and unnecessary break downs caused by both magnetic and non-ferrous particles within a heating system.
  • It is perfect protection for all central heating systems and can be fitted anywhere, in any orientation on a central heating system.
  • Thanks to its innovative triple action vortex magnetic filtration system, it filters and holds onto all types of ferrous and non-ferrous debris. The isolating ball valves on the connections and high strength magnet which can be removed with the unit in place make maintenance and installation a breaze.


As well as being fitted in conjunction with a new boiler. It is particularly recommended when replacing parts, for example when fitting condensing boilers in existing systems (with metal pipes and/ or cast iron radiators).

  • Unique double gauze non-ferrous filter.
  • 360° rotatable installation.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Isolating ball valves on inlet and outlet connections.
  • Low profile drain valve.
  • Removable high strengh magnet – service the system live.
  • Manual air vent.
  • Full 5 YEAR Manufacturers Guarantee.


Whilst the unit can be fitted anywhere on a heating system, in any orientation – for maximum protection it is advised that the Intaklean 2 is fitted on the return leg of the heating system circuit, between the last radiator and boiler.

Please see below:
Intaklean 2 Ideal Instalation Location

The particular geometry, designed for the functionality of the magnet, guides the fluid along a route: the water passes through the mesh of the cartridge and laps against the magnet at the centre of the flow pipe. The non-ferrous particles and/or those that are larger than the filtering cartridge sink to the bottom of the filter due to gravity, while the ferrous residue is caught by the magnet that exerts a constant magnetic field throughout the volume of the cylinder. The impurities deposited at the bottom are simply removed together with the ferrous residue collected around the magnet by opening the filtration chamber. The magnet is completely cleaned by unscrewing the filtration chamber and removing it with the magnet.


Downloadable PDF Technical Documentation can be found here: IntaKlean Technical Data Sheet

Downloadable PDF Installation instructions can be found here: IntaKlean Installation Instructions

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