Altecnic Caleffi XS Under Boiler Magnetic Filter 22mm 545912

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Altecnic Caleffi XS 22mm Under Boiler Magnetic Filter 545912

The Altecnic Caleffi XS under-boiler magnetic filter mechanically separates the impurities in heating and cooling systems by means of a mesh filter, a neodymium magnet and a collection chamber for the heaviest particles. The chamber has transparent windows, allowing the user to check whether the internal elements need to be cleaned. Its very small dimensions make it suitable for all generator types.

Product Specifications

  • Compact under boiler magnetic filter
  • Glass indicators/windows allow for easy visual system health check
  • Internal isolation valve designed so only water in the collection chamber is drained before cleaning the mesh, for quick and easy servicing
  • Internal magnet and mesh for effective filtration
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
  • Medium: water, glycol solution
  • Max. percentage of glycol: 30%
  • Max. working pressure: 3 bar
  • Working temperature range: 0 to 90˚C
  • Filter mesh: 800 μm
  • Magnetic induction of magnet: 0.475 T
  • Kv: 3.66 m3/h
  • Connection – 22mm compression: BS EN 12165 CW617N

Operating Principles

The magnetic filter operation is based on three principles;

  • The mechanical filtration provided by the steel mesh captures the impurities
  • The magnetic field separates ferrous particles
  • A large separating chamber allows the dirt to settle

The special deflector profile directs impurities in the water and makes them precipitate in the separating chamber, where they are collected.

The magnet, which is positioned so that the flow hits it head-on, effectively separates the ferrous particles.

The 800 μm filter mesh captures the remaining impurities.

Click here for Altecnic Under Boiler Magnetic Filter Product Specification

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