Activflo Water Conditioner 22mm from Inta AF022

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22mm Inta Activflo Water Conditioner – 15 Year Manufacturers Warranty

  • 22mm compression connections
  • Provides complete home protection against limescale buildup.
  • Actively prevents limescale buildup in pipes, heating components and domestic appliances.
  • Enhances system efficiency.
  • Requires no maintenance or electrical connections.
  • Backed by a 15-year warranty.
  • Helps cut fuel and maintenance expenses.
  • Optimum Flow Rate:  22-45 Litres/min

Introducing ActivFlo water conditioners by Inta: the latest technology combating limescale in both domestic and commercial settings. Available in various sizes and connection types to suit any application, ActivFlo employs innovative methods to prevent limescale buildup.

How does it work? In hard water, calcium and bicarbonate ions form stubborn calcium carbonate scale. ActivFlo uses a small electrical charge and pressure drop to transform these ions into insoluble aragonite crystals. These smooth crystals remain suspended in water, preventing them from adhering to pipes, heating elements, or showerheads.

ActivFlo doesn’t filter water, so it retains all its minerals, ensuring it remains safe to drink. Plus, if your system already has limescale, ActivFlo improves water solubility, gradually absorbing existing deposits. This process, influenced by factors like scale volume and water flow, softens deposits over time, making them easy to remove.

Benefits of ActivFlo include whole-house protection, reducing limescale buildup, enhancing system efficiency, and requiring no maintenance or electrical connections. With a 15-year warranty, ActivFlo helps cut fuel and maintenance costs.

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