CenterStore 95607864 Potable Expansion Vessel 18ltr

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Altecnic Expansion Vessel Service Valve - Full-Bore - 3/4" to 22mm Compression



CenterStore 95607864 Potable Expansion Vessel 18ltr

Product: White 18L Vessel
Per-set Pressure (bar): 3
Max Pressure (bar): 10
Height: 430mm
Diameter: 280mm
Connection: 3/4″ MBSP

An expansion vessel for potable water. It is manufactured to comply with UK water regulations and are tested and certified by WRAS. All vessels are supplied with a replaceable membrane. It separates the water and air to prevent contamination of the water system, corrosion of the vessel and pressure loss in the water system. The main purpose of the vessel is to compensate for the increase in volume of water due to the increases in temperature.

Vessel Size Guide:

Vessel Capacity:Vessel Dimensions:
2 LitreHeight: 250mm Diameter: 110mm
8 LitreHeight: 316mm Diameter: 200mm
12 LitreHeight: 295mm Diameter: 280mm
18 LitreHeight: 430mm Diameter: 280mm
24 LitreHeight: 489mm Diameter: 280mm
35 LitreHeight: 440mm Diameter: 365mm

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