Advanced Appliances ENERGY MANAGER Thermal Store

The Advance EnergyManager is a tried and tested design with an internal heat exchanger and shunt pump arrangement resulting in delivery of hot water equivalent to the volume of the tank at 43ºC.  It works on the thermal store principle of storing primary (central heating) water and delivering mains pressure hot water through a heat exchanger.

The thermal store comes in two sizes, 210 litres and 300 litres capacity, the 210 being suitable for single bath plus two showers and the 300 for two baths and two showers.

The shunt pump is pre fitted and wired to activate when taps or showers are turned on.

The EnergyManager comes as shown above with wiring centre for installers to complete the wiring for the rest of the system. Full instructions for wiring the total system are included.

At 65ºC operation the EnergyManager is perfect for underfloor or low temperature radiator circuits and offers efficiencies due to the temperature being lower than most thermal stores. It delivers hot water equivalent to the capacity of the store.

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