Reliance 3/4″ x 1″ Female BSP 4.0 Bar Pressure Relief Valve PREL100016

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Inlet Connection: 3/4″ FBSP

Outlet Connection:1″ FBP

Set pressure: 4.0 bar

Operating temperature: 140ºC max

Test pressure of body: 25.0 bar


Body: Hot pressed DZR brass

Diaphragm: EPDM elastomer

Seal: EPDM elastomer

Spring: Spring steel wire – corrosion protected

Internals: OT58 brass

Cap: High grade glass fibre reinforced plastic


Reliance 3/4″ x 1″ Female BSP 4Bar Pressure Relief Valve PREL100016

A high capacity pressure relief valve to protect closed-circuit water heating systems from overpressure, made from hot pressed brass. The outlet is one size larger than the inlet to ensure high discharge flow rates. It has a separate seal seating from the diaphragm with a cover which is made from OT58 brass. Available in a variety of sizes to suit most installations, it also has a pressure range from 2.5 bar to 5.0 bar with the response pressure indicated on the twist cap. The valve size is determined by the heat output of the boiler as shown in the maximum heating capacity table on page 2.


• The outlet is one size larger than the inlet, for high capacity discharge

• Provides protection against over-pressurisation in wet heating systems

• Diaphragm design gives improved resistance against scale

• Cartridge design gives ease of service and replacement without the need to re-set the response pressure

• Set pressure range from 2.5 bar to 5.0 bar to suit any system requirement • High lift design for increased discharge capacity

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