neXgen Standard 15mm Drain-off Valve (NEXGENS) Single

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neXgen Standard 15mm Drain-off Cock (NEXGENS) 1 valve

The neXgen revolutionary design overcomes the number one drain valve issue. The one piece insert removes the risk of eroded or stuck washers which are the common cause of leaks and delays when doing maintenance to a system.

Features and Benefits

  • No more perished & stuck washers
  • 3 different versions available; Standard, Long Tail and Premium (includes Hozelock connection)
  • Uses a 6mm hex key to operate
  • Press-fit compatible (Long Tail and Premium)
  • 1pc non-stick plastic insert that stops minerals and debris from sticking to it and breaking down
  • Drain and fill with neXgen Premium

*IMPORTANT – neXgen inserts can only be used on neXgen Drain-off Valves. Please remove the insert before any hot works. Tesla UK Ltd will not be held liable for any misuse of our products.

Product Specification

  • Code: NEXGENS
  • Press-fit Compatible: No
  • Push-fit Compatible: No
  • Hozelock Connection: No
  • Max Pressure: 10bar
  • Max Temperature: 95°C
  • neXgen Insert Hex (6mm): Max. 4 N m
  • Tail Length: 15mm
  • Tail Diameter: 15mm.

Technical Data Sheet

Tesla neXgen Drain-Off Cock Technical Data Sheet

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