Inta 4 Port Polymer Manifold – UFHMANP4

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Inta 4 Port Polymer Manifold – UFHMANP4

The Polymer Manifold for Floor Systems enables parallel feed of terminal fluidic terminals with the following objectives and advantages:

  • Limited dimensions that enable the insertion in boxes to be walled in partitioning walls
  • Manual or automatic on-off interception of the single circuits, by applying electro thermal controls on the thermostatic valves that are controllable by thermostats and ambient chronothermostats
  • Micrometric regulation of the flow in transit, for balancing between the various circuits
  • Adjustment of the flow in transit for balancing between the various circuits by means of flowmeters mounted on the manifold and equipped with incorporated adjustment valve
  • Direct readout on flowmeter of the rate of flow in transit in the individual circuits
  • Possibility of checking the performance of the circuits by inserting thermometers.

Particularly adapted for feeding low temperature circuits serving radiant floor heating, the Polymer Manifold for Floor Systems is supplied complete with the following preassembled accessories:

  • Thermostatic interceptor valves
  • Flowmeters for reading the flow with incorporated adjustment valve
  • A pair of brackets for fixing internally the control boxes.


Product Specification:

Number of ways: 4

Rate of flow: 760 l/h

Heating at 10°C kW exchangeable: 8,8

Cooling at 5°C kW exchangeable: 4,4.

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