Inta 2 pack 750mm Heat Pump Hose Pre-insulated 1˝ female swivel elbow x 28mm HPHOSE750B

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2 x Heat Pump Hoses 750mm long Pre-insulated 1˝ female swivel elbow x 28mm

  • Pre-insulated to reduce system heat loss preserving system efficiency
  • 1″ female x 28mm connections
  • Supplied in pairs to suit the flow and return of your heat pump
  • Designed to connect directly to the heat pump
  • Available with a straight or bent heat pump connection to suit a variety of units and installations
  • Additional piece of insulation provided to insulate the connections
  • The Primary Pro insulation is waterproof and UV resistant making it suitable for all weather conditions. Must be inspected annually and retreated, with joints resealed if necessary using Primary Pro Bond & Seal.
  • Max Inlet Pressure (static): 10 Bar
  • Max Inlet Temperature: 90°C
  • Medium: Water, Water + Glycol up to 50%
  • Insulation Thickness: 19mm
  • Insulation Material: Treated Closed Cell Polyethylene
  • Insulation Temperature Range: -45°C to 105°C
  • Insulation Thermal Conductivity: λ = 0.034 W/mk at 0°C

Building regulations Part L states that all external fittings on an Air Source Heat Pump System must be fully insulated to reduce heat loss and maintain system efficiency.

In systems where every watt counts, Inta’s Pre-insulated hoses have been designed for external use to prevent heat losses and to help maintain the COP and SCOP of the system, preventing losses of energy, contributing to an efficient system and preventing higher costs to run than expected.

The waterproof finish prevents the insulation from absorbing water and moisture that could result in an unintended outcome of the insulation becoming a conductor for heat loss.

Its essential that all joints are bonded and sealed correctly to prevent any capillary traction occurring. The surface finish must be re-treated, the joints and seals inspected and resealed if necessary using Primary Pro Bond / Seal during an annual inspection to maintain the product performance.

Click here for Heat Pump Hose Technical Datasheet

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