Hinton Flametech HH3 Turbo Self Ignite Hand Torch with Turbo Nozzel (Cast Body) HH3TU

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Hinton Flametech HH3 TURBO (HH3TU) – versatile self-igniting gas blowtorch with Turbo Nozzle and cast body. Designed for professional use.

The Hinton HH3TU Ignite Blow Torch features a Turbo Nozzle for enhanced performance, a high-intensity jet swirl flame for faster soldering and brazing, and an adjustable flame control knob. It includes a fracture groove for safety, a lock button for continuous use, and an instant on/off trigger ignitor for one-handed operation. The durable cast aluminium body is compatible with Mapp and propane gas cylinders and comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Turbo Nozzel
    This model come with Hinton’s Turbo Nozzle for enhanced performance
  • 100% Flashback Tested
    Fully tested, so no danger of flashback
  • New High Intensity Jet Swirl Flame
    Maximum heat output enabling faster soldering and brazing
  • Adjustable Flame Control Knob
    Easily change flame size for different applications
  • Fracture Groove 
    Enhances safety in case torch is dropped
  • Lock Button
    Keeps torch lit for finger free use
  • Instant On / Off Trigger Ignitor
    Simple one handed operation and minimises gas wastage
  • Cast aluminium Body
    Constructed for durability
  • 3 Year manufacturers Warranty
    Built to last – the HH3 comes with a three year Warranty
  • Mapp and Propane Gas compatible
    Suitable for both Mapp and Propane gas cylinders

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