Potable Expansion Vessel Sizing Guide

A Short guide to sizing a Potable Expansion Vessel on an Unvented Mains Pressure System. 


The guide below has been calculated to give an estimated size of Expansion Vessel required for a mains fed potable system, this does not take in all fluctuations in systems but will give an idea of size.

Cylinder Size Expansion Vessel Size
5-15 Litres 2 Litre 
30 Litres 5 Litre 
50-80 Litres 8 Litre 
90-125 Litres 12 Litre 
150-180 Litres 18/19 Litre
210-250 Litres 24/25 Litre
300 Litres 35 Litre


For an exact sizing you will require System Capacity (Litres), Pressure Reducing Valve Pressure (Bar), PRessure Relief Valve Setting (Bar) and Maximum Working Temperature of the system (DegC) 


For more information on our Potable Expansion Vessels cliek the link below

Potable Expansion Vessels


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