Grundfos UPS3 15-50/65 130 Pump (+ Option with 2 x 22mm 1 1/2″ Pump Valves) – Save up to £110 a year

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Grundfos ups3 15-50/65 130 Pump

Grundfos UPS3 pumps are high-efficiency circulators. Suitable as universal upgrade and replacement pumps, designed for circulating liquids in domestic heating systems.

Product Features
  • 3x constant curves/constant speed curves
  • 2x proportional pressure curves
  • 2x constant pressure curves
  • Speed control via low-voltage PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal profile A (heating)
  • Low EEI (Energy Efficiency Index)
  • Deblocking device
  • Alarm and warning indication
  • Low noise level
  • Simple installation
  • Servicing screw accessible from front for easy access to pump shaft
  • Pump housing made of cast iron
  • Pump housing is electrocoated for corrosion resistance
  • Synchronous permanent magnet motor
  • Pump speed is controlled by integrated frequency converter
  • CE approved
  • VDE approved
  • IPX4D rated

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UPS3 15-50/65 130