FloodBags.eco Home Flood Protection Kit – 10 x Self-expanding Sandless Flooding Sandbags (HFPK10)

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FloodBags.eco Home Flood bags Protection Kit – 10 x Self-expanding Sandless Sandbags (HFPK10)

Alternative to Flooding Sandbags 

The risk of flooding in the UK is increasing, not to mention installers working in flooded areas and basements. Where can you go to purchase defences off the shelf?

  •  5,000000 Homes at risk in England alone
  • £360,000000 Insurance pay outs in 2020

The Problem

In the UK currently, about 1 in 6 homes is at risk of flooding. Even if a property has never flooded in the past, this does not mean that it is not at risk. In addition to this, in order for a property to flood, it does not need to be located near a river or the sea, or even in low-lying areas. Flooding affects properties all over the UK and in very different ways, with climate change altering weather patterns for the future, it is expected that more areas of the UK could become at risk of flooding. It is essential that you know what you can do to reduce the impact caused by flooding.

The solution

FloodBags.eco are a sandless sandbag alternative. They are super lightweight prior to deployment, allowing you to store enough bags in your home or van to protect a property. Simply activate in water when there is a risk of a flood emergency and build a barrier as you would do with sandbags. Once activated each FloodBag.eco is the equivalent of a 20KG sandbag.

Environmentally friendly

After use you can dispose of the bags easily by digging a small hole, cross slit the bags and empty the contents into the hole and cover. Our super absorbent polymer will then break down in the ground. The jute sacks can then be textile recycled, allowing the product to be fully biodegradable and recyclable.

Watch this short video for more information:


(HFPK10) – Home Flood Protection Kit – Our self-contained kit provides homeowners and engineers peace of mind that the flood bags are ready to deploy whenever necessary.

Our Home Kit contains 1 outer pack of 10 of inactivated floodbags, these are ready to deploy when necessary, giving you 10 bags to help protect your property or place of work from water. Scan the QR code on the box from your smartphone to watch our straight forward instructional video.

  • Open the box and remove the bags from their waterproof outer bag
  • Activate the bags by submerging in water
  • Position the activated bags to help protect your home or place of work

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