Dual Thermostat – Alternative to: ThermaQ TQX0010

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Dual Thermostat STATDUAL

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    Dual Thermostat – Alternative to: ThermaQ TQX0010

    Oil boiler control. Robust plastic housing consisting of control and limiter capillary thermostats. Available in either 2 x thermostat (twinstat) configuration or as a single BBSC capillary combination thermostat for greater accuracy and reduced temperature deviation


    • Suitable for use with or without immersion pocket
    • Pre-wired internally for ease of installation
    • Anti-tamper control stops
    • Terminals for auxiliary control circuits
    • Customised colours and branding


    Control: a rise in temperature causes the expansion of liquid within the bulb and capillary.

    The liquid acts on a bellows assembly within the plastic housing to open and close electrical contacts.

    High limit: in case of abnormal rise in temperature, liquid expansion in the bulb and capillary of the dedicated safety limiter acts on a bellows assembly to open electrical contacts.

    The limiter is manually resettable.

    Technical characteristics

    TYPE – Dual control and regulation
    TEMPERATURE RANGE – 0 to 90°C (others on request)
    SAFETY LIMITER TEMPERATURE – 90 to 110°C, or fixed 100°C (others on request)
    RATING – 20A – 250V
    MATERIAL – Copper
    CAPILLARY LENGTH – Up to 1500mm
    CONNECTIONS – Screw and pillar terminals
    APPROVALS – CE conformity, ENEC mark according to EN 60730-1, EN 60730-2-9, ROHS conformity

    Compatible with:

    ThermaQ Unicyl

    Additional information

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