Caleffi Dirtmag Mini® Compact Magnetic Filter 545022

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Caleffi Dirtmag Mini® composite under boiler dirt separator and strainer with magnet 545022

  • – Ultra Compact Filter
  • – High Performance 13,000 guass magnet
  • – Flexible Installation
  • – Self Cleaning
  • – Easy to Service

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    Caleffi Dirtmag Mini® composite under boiler dirt separator and strainer with magnet 545022

    The DIRTMAG MINI® dirt separator and strainer separates the impurities in air conditioning systems to protect the boiler circulator and heat exchanger.
    The removable magnet captures the ferro magnetic particles, whilst the mesh strainer and dirt separator capture the remaining debris.
    The compact design of this dirt separator strainer is ideal for installation under wall boilers, even in small spaces.
    The special inlet layout allows for vertical or horizontal installation, with angled or in-line connections as required.

    Construction Details

    Component Material Grade
    Body:Nylon reinforcedPA66G30
    Internal filter element:Polyacetal AISI 304 Stainless steelBS EN 10088 -2
    FittingsBrassBS EN 12165 CW617N
    Drain cock with hose connectionBrassBS EN 12164 CW614N
    Ball valvesBrassBS EN 12164 CW614N

    Technical Data

    Medium:water, non hazardous
    glycol solutions
    Max. percentage of glycol:30%
    Max. working pressure:3 bar
    Working temperature range:0 to 90˚C
    Filter mesh size:800 μm
    Magnetic induction of magnet:1.3 T
    Kv with in line configuration:4.2 m3/h
    Kv with angled configuration:3.9 m3/h
    Max. recommended flow rate:22 l/m
    Compression end sizes:22mm
    Compression ends:BS EN 1254-2*

    Operating Principle

    The DIRTMAG MINI® magnetic dirt separator and strainer, separates and captures debris in the system thanks to the combined action of the strainer and dirt separator. The fluid inside the system slows down in the large collection chamber, allowing smaller particles to collect. Ferrous particles are captured inside the body, thanks to the action of the removable magnet. Larger particles are trapped inside the strainer screen. The special profile of the bottom allows the impurities to be captured and drained effectively.

    Horizontal or Vertical Installation

    The pipe connections of the DIRTMAG MINI® body are interchangeable and reversible as they have a quick-fit system with fixing clips, making it easy to install the dirt separator by converting it to the horizontal or vertical configuration.

    Compact Design

    Thanks to the compact design, the dirt separator can be easily installed in confined spaces under wall-mounted boilers without the need for additional accessories.

    Filtration, Dirt Separation and Self Cleaning

    The high performance of the dirt separator is based on the combined action of the strainer and dirt separation function. The strainer mesh, with a mesh size of 800 μm, can capture non-magnetic residues such as sand, soldering residues and residues of sealants such as hemp or silicone. The magnet, which is not in direct contact with the fluid, separates and captures magnetic particles.

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