Altecnic 2” Filter Ball Valve – 124-6008 CST

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Altecnic 2” Filter Ball Valve 124-6008 CST

With changes in building construction, there is a continual requirement for more compact and multi-functional valves. The Altecnic Filter Ball Valve combines the function of a ball isolating valve with the benefit of a strainer/ filter to meet these requirements.

The Filter Ball Valve is the ideal compact valve for use with appliances requiring regular maintenance along with the protection from dirty
water supplies which may affect their performance. The length of the filter element is almost twice that of similar filter ball valves allowing for longer periods between emptying and reducing the frequency of clogging.

The valve provides the benefits of ensuring the water is filtered and can be isolated, should this be required.

Product Specifications

  • Max. Pressure: 20 bar
  • Max. Temperature: 140˚C
  • Working temp. range: -20 to 100˚C
  • Strainer mesh size: 500 μ – 0.5 mm
  • Threaded ends: BS EN ISO 228 -1
  • KV Value: 32.30

Click here for Altecnic Filter Ball Valve product specification

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124-6008 CST