5 x Shock Arrestor 0.16 Litre Potable Mini Expansion Vessel & 15mm Tee (Trade Pack)

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PTFE tape 12m x 12mm WRAS Approved



Pack of 5 Shock Arrestor Potable Mini Expansion Vessel 0.16 Litre + 15mm Tee (Five Pack)

Stop Noisy Pipes for Baths Taps Basins Toilets Prevent Water Hammer Banging pipes Arrester Water Shock Preventer Thumping Pipes 15mm Easy Fit Compression Tee


  • 5 x 15mm Compression Tee for ease of fitting.
  • 5 x Washer
  • 5 x 0.16Ltr Shock Arrestor

If the system pressure is high, the water flowing through it has greater momentum. When this flow is abruptly stopped, often due to the closure of lever-operated taps or valves such as those in dishwashers and washing machines, it creates a shock effect that causes the pipes to shudder and vibrate.

This stainless steel expansion vessel can be used as a water hammer arrester for individual outlets, such as taps or washing machines, or for small groups of outlets, such as in a bathroom. It eliminates the annoying knocking sound and prevents potential damage that might occur from moving pipes splitting or cracking due to prolonged vibration.

The expansion vessel shock arrester should be installed close to taps or valves to minimize the shock effect on the system.

Technical Data:

  • Max. working pressure: 15 bar
  • Max system temperature: 100°C
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Connection: 22mm Compression
  • WRAS approved product


  • Height: 135mm
  • Diameter: 80mm

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